Thursday, October 2, 2008

welcome...thanks for taking a look!

hey yall...

for as long as i can remember, i have loved being creative & making people happy! in an effort to release my inner artist...i created these canvases for my sweet peas (ella & madeline)...and the idea for "painting me happy" was born!

just a southern girl from louisiana raised on fried chicken, grits, & apple pie...i hope you will see how many smiles are put into each work of art! maybe you'll catch yourself smiling too...when you picture one of these whimsical paintings as a "gift" for yourself or that special someone!

whether you need something fun for that precious little girl or are sure to find the perfect masterpiece at "painting me happy"!

where smiles come easy...and happiness is free!


*resident dreamer, storyteller, girly girl, artist...& best of all - mommy!!!!

if you would like to place an order, please contact me at

all christmas orders need to be placed by December 1...please!


8X10 $35

9x12 $40

11x14 $45

14x18 $55
Canvas flats
8x10 $20 * 9x12 $25 * 11x14 $30
**ribbon can be added for an additional $4**
Snowman Ornaments
$18 for single snowman, $20 for family snowman
*prices do not include shipping & handling

*personalization is offered on each painting for no additional charge.
*each canvas is hand painted & unique…and subject to minor color& design variations… but always made with a smile!!!


Johnson Family said...

LOVE the new blog site! I think these are fantastic. I'm going to put both of your blogs on my page, because I want everyone to see them. I need to get one ordered for my kiddos. I'll email you the details. Thanks,Christi

Meredith for the Davis' said...

hey--just let me know when you will be hiring for this gig...i think you may need to in the near future to keep up with all the business you will be getting!! love it, mere! you are inspiring, you know that??! seriously though, just let me know if you get over your head ;) i work you!

Meredith said...

Love the new Christmas designs! You're going to be busy before you know it. :)

Katherine said...

Aren't you the artist? Wow, I'm so impressed. Next thing you be cake decorating. Ha ha! Really cute stuff. I'll buy a family snowman ornament for our tree.

Karen Batista said...

I have been searching for a unique christmas painting for the upcoming holiday.

Edward said...

It's just wonderful,
I really like it,